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Chinese way: do the best CAD China

Chinese way - to do the best CAD China

Respondents: Hangzhou China Software Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Mr. Wu Weibin way
Interviewer: China's Feng Shan Software Network

Deputy General Manager of Hangzhou Yuan Zhen Hua way software

Reporter: First, the Chinese software network fortunate to have this opportunity, on the domestic software enterprises in the construction of thematic channels on your interviews. So, please start to talk about China's current channel construction software industry status quo.

Wu: channel construction in China, the broad market, for each company, are very important and necessary. I see it, China has two problems existed in the software channel, which can be said that two aspects of its features.

First, the stability of the software channels: software channels are higher, and not hardware sales in the short term can have greatly improved, while software sales channels requires a long-term accumulation, so as to establish a relatively high stability of sale system. Therefore, we said, the software channel is geared towards the development of flat patterns. The same product in China have a lot of software vendors, partners need a fairly long process to understand the software vendor's cooperation mechanism. As a result, software vendors need a good co-operation mechanism to establish the company's brand, expanding the company's reputation and influence.

Secondly, the channel construction of the implementation of the edge: we are mainly do CAD direction, if we want to look for more good agents, not only need to establish a long-term business objectives, but also concerned about the agents point their interests. From the agent point of view, their concern is more a short-term interests, that is, their return on investment, look for more mature markets. We need to do is to find agents interests focus and guide the agents to fully understand our company, understand our company culture, about our excellent products and constantly improve the service and establishing a win-win relationship and confidence.

Reporter: At present the company's difficult channel construction where?

NG: First of all, brand awareness to be improved. How can I quickly find a good agent? This need to increase the company's brand awareness, so good agent knocks on your door, let them know, with us, is a major cause of return of interest, but also to strengthen ongoing investment agents, long-term confidence.

Second, rampant piracy is one of our long-term problems. At present, although the Government spared no effort to crack down on pirated software, but the situation is still not optimistic. The existence of piracy is not just a business, a user's problem, but the current historical conditions in China a necessary stage. Any of our software companies have to do a good job of preparing to fight a protracted war.

Again, the software. Channels the stage: We are building in the channel at the exploratory stage: Now that we have with agents is a long-term interests of the community, we have a need for agents realize the value of services, and allowed to establish self-confidence, and the interests of space to its full, has introduced its strong product. Thus, more cooperation can be carried out quickly, reflecting the value of our services.

Reporter: The company's solution to how the like?

NG: First of all, establish the company's brand recognition. Chinese way to fully use the advantages of resources within the company. We have a rich experience, strength, and thick in the development and management team. After years of development, our team also won the recognition of many partners. Agents on our understanding, will realize a win-win nature of cooperation, such cooperation can reduce the risk.

And brand building, of course, need the help of some advertising methods, our main means of publicity, including: A, to strengthen the construction site, while also strengthening the network of media publicity; strengthen product development, continually launching new products, product launch held regularly Council; B, to strengthen cooperation with the Government, anti-piracy software, establish legitimate software quality image and widen its influence; C, to increase exposure in various media, to strengthen cooperation with the second developer to carry out deep-seated cooperation.

Reporter: You mentioned many times to listen to the company's superior products, Can you give us a brief product and its advantages?

Wu: Yes. Company focused on mechanical design CAD. We also put Architectural CAD as a main direction of our year. Talking about CAD, we can not talk about domestic and foreign situation of the current number of CAD.

On the one hand, the domestic terms, do CAD this one is not even a lot of them, mainly two-dimensional CAD and 3D CAD, of course, three-dimensional CAD has many advantages, we are mainly doing two-dimensional CAD, to do three-dimensional CAD, must be fully mastered the basis of two-dimensional CAD technology. In addition, in our country, two-dimensional CAD has more features for our specific conditions. For example, capital investment, human resources without too much input, the starting point is relatively low, but can also develop more suitable for different software for each specific industry.

On the other hand, the international CAD software at an alarming rate in the technology forward. I had open door policy with the implementation of many excellent foreign influx of CAD software in China. Technically, the overall trend is toward integrated, networked, collaboration and intelligent direction. However, the overall level, China's development and application of CAD technology and the developed countries is still larger than the gap between various industries throughout the development and application of CAD technology in depth and height are present pressing problem.

AXCAD greatest strength lies in software performance stability. High cost relative to foreign, we are able to improve products and services at competitive prices. This is also after years of accumulation, which developed, and for China's national conditions of mechanical design CAD.

Reporter: A good idea is a long term development of the company's point standard, Chinese way of philosophy? What is the trend of development of the company's?

Wu: Our philosophy - to do the best domestic CAD. We are a technical industry, because of the field with 10 years of CAD experience in team development, and the accumulation of deep industry background, working for the Chinese to develop a user can use, easy to use CAD products, and related design process management software. Our trend, I think it summed up with the following:

Professional, so better

AXCAD that if a software can do anything, that means nothing useful. AXCAD its professional features, look forward to provide users with specialized software.

Details determine success or failure

A good software and bad software, the biggest difference is not functional differences, but the details of the process of achieving functional differences. AXCAD that reduce the user if a mouse click, a keyboard input, such efforts are worthwhile.

Good software, users create

AXCAD do not think that a group of developers who only know the computer to design good software, good software, designers can only be our true customers. Therefore, we have been working to shorten the distance between the user, we are keen users AXCAD praise, I also hope that users AXCAD harsh censure, AXCAD excellence that it is these users, is to promote the AXCAD biggest growth engine.

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You may not know! Thunder carry with them the know-how to download content

The replacement of computer and discovered that the downloaded content can not find? Some common software or bad music is how we can carry? Travel for the computer, and how fast to download your desired software to improve efficiency?
5.9 with the Thunder in the way of sharing, we can save the download to own the network, at any time download. Whether we are far from the ocean shore, or in the ends of the earth, can make their favorite stuff such as video players, on-call!

Step One: Download and install the latest version of Thunder

To use the Thunder's collection feature, you must download and install the latest version of Thunder 5.9. In theory, the version can not be less than, download directly after installation. Thunder has been implemented in this version of Windows 7 is fully compatible and provide Windows 7 features, while also supporting the boss key, and also to support more browsers.

Step Two: Login Thunder

Open Thunder 5.9, click the top area of the Friends of mine, "Login" button (Figure 1), open the window, enter the mine in the Friends account and password.

Friends of mine if you do not have account, you can click the window in Figure 1, the "Register" button or directly open, then follow the wizard registration and password.

Log in mine You can enjoy offline download, close advertising, faster download speeds, download virus scanning warning, resource collection, friends file sharing, integration services, upgrades and lit icons. Moreover, Friends of mine are level, in theory, level with the service quality are related.

Step Three: Download / Collection of resources

Next, we can download the resources. Right-click the downloaded resources, select "Add" command (Figure 3), then the window can be carried out in the open collections (Figure 4). Note that we also can create their own album (similar to folders), the following will be introduced to.

Step Four: Download resources at any time

No matter where the future, just download and install the latest version of Thunder 5, then enter the mine in which the Friends and password, then click the "Downloaded" under the "My Favorites" will pop up after the "collection box."

We can see the corresponding album (you can click the "Create Album" button to create a new album), click the following to see our collection of resources, right-click and select "download" command to download and use.

鈽?We can press the Ctrl or Shift key to select multiple tools, batch download collection of resources.

鈽?If you already have this resource at the local, is not a "download" command, you can click "Open" command to directly open, thus saving bandwidth.

Thunder in the new 5.9 "Favorites" function can not only help us collection of resources, more can be downloaded at any time, or even share with others.



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Yum's second revolution

Management of science and technology in the domestic apparel in Shanghai is almost Yum Software "innovation" a synonym. Established as the beginning of this century clothing software company, Yum has more than its competitors has the innovative spirit and cutting-edge sharp marketing strategies. Today, Yum software has become the largest market share within the ability of enterprises, some of the Chinese Garment Industry in the area, Yum's market share even more dramatically than the domestic incumbent enterprise software vendors - UF.

8 years ago, the Chinese market, managing the software industry is in a dogfight era. Yum Since its inception, the market is not mature enough to enter the competition is unusually fierce in the industry, this may be a lot of people think that some paranoid, but Yum is precisely to seize market opportunities and clever to avoid the vicious competition, a successful intercept of a fast-growing market segments - apparel management software market, which built up in the clothing field its own unique advantages.

December 2005, president of Yum Huang Fei software Yum users communicate at the Third National Conference, the first time a "customer-centric" strategy for the future, this strategy Yum is known internally as "100 won the first revolution. " Exchanges in this session of the user conference, from 9 animal husbandry, some speaking on behalf of the king costumes for all participating enterprises and representatives of the media rather surprised: "At present, nine Mu Wang brand product inventory data, the accuracy was 98.5%; material inventory data, the accuracy was 100%; sales data collection time of less than 1.5 days, while in the absence of the system before using Yum, the period of 1.5 days -7 days; end sales data, the accuracy was 100%, after This data is between 75% -85%; distributors Yum utilization of the system has more than 85% ... .... Our company has been shared with Yum industry management experience, Party A and Party B does not exist relationships. "

In fact, this is kind of a win-win model. For Yum, the adoption and continued communication between the many brands of clothing were all first-hand materials, so that it can more accurately grasp the clothing brand in the process of advancing information technology faced real problems and needs, so that their new products with more targeted, more close to customer needs. As for brands, in the process of building information to help get more deeper level of communication, information to promote the faster, and information technology benefits of the brand of clothing, especially for companies in logistics, product delivery, rapid response capability of the important role that all brands have to know.

It is based on this extensive communication with customers, and customer demand for investigation and analysis of Yum since its inception, it has maintained every year to meet the market demand for new products to market records. Yum's development path, is accompanied by the continuous upgrading of products and constantly develop new products, rhythm and line, which is that it can win customer trust and extensive cooperation and achieved a basic problem of the market.

September 2008, Yum Yum held in Gulangyu channel partner summit in the country. The first day of the summit, Huang Fei published "Innovation Pilot Future" on the topic. Huang Fei said: "subject to various macroeconomic, legal, social and other factors, the apparel industry is undergoing tremendous change. In the past two years, new business models, innovation and technology, management thinking endless. New a business innovation and industry thought is constantly enlarged, affecting more and more enterprises. We had a premonition that apparel industry upgrading urgency of the needs, and begin to prepare. "

At the summit, Huang Fei was also released to partners Yum future pan-commerce business. The business focuses on the apparel industry to support the clothing distribution area of the upstream and downstream (apparel brands, manufacturers and clothing distribution business) of the entire supply chain management, providing customers one-stop shop for all processes Di Sanfang 浜ゆ槗 platform to realize maximize the integration of industry resources. Construction of this new relationship between the business relationship - in step of the supply chain operation, real-time data transfer and sharing, seamless two-way communication mechanism. This strategy can not only bring enormous business opportunities for customers, but also to create a more business value and competitiveness of the new ecosystem.

As the "IT managers in the world" magazine described it, the past 10 years, China has turned upside down. Most people in the past 10 years, bought his first car in life, the first suite, the Chinese already have a large number of "world leader" or even "the world's first" business, Lenovo acquired the founder of IT industry - IBM's PC business, which 10 years ago, it is unimaginable. We all should feel fortunate to participate in and witness to this era. And every period of history, like all the waves are going through a time when mediocrity, understatement, and only look back in time, only to find how we have gone through with a magnificent years.

The next 10 years, China business development will enter a new phase - Innovation and Beyond. Here's "innovation" not only a narrow product, research and innovation, should Chinese enterprises in management, business models, systems, and cultural innovation, and "Beyond" is also not just against competitors, but also their own ability to transcend the limits of thinking.

Back to the apparel industry, Yum on the future development of the apparel industry to judge too. Therefore, we have reason to expect, Yum's second revolution will continue to be wonderful.


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Raffles shipyard with Dassault Systemes PLM Goes Digital

Yantai Raffles Shipyard with Dassault Systemes PLM solutions to the digital: the world's largest crane manufacturing success

Lifting capacity of 20,000 metric tons of semi-submersible crane vessel will be shortened by half the manufacturing

China, November 8, 2007 - Dassault Systemes (DS) company (NASDAQ: DASTY; Paris European Securities: # 13065, DSY.PA), the global product lifecycle management (PLM) Solutions and 3D technology leader and Yantai Raffles Shipyard (YRS), a leading offshore and shipbuilding experts, today announced the digital transition, Yantai Raffles has made significant development, the manufacture of the world's largest crane "Tarzan" is the use of Dassault Systemes, PLM solutions end to end planning, design and management. Currently, the crane being rigorous testing and commissioning, and plans to deploy comprehensive end of this year.

Yantai Raffles Shipyard, Mr. Chairman Zhang Liren spoke: "In the next 20 months," Tarzan "will be 10 times lifting work. Every time lifting weights estimated 10,000-16,000 tonnes for each semi-submersible vessel fleet saves 200 million man-hours. and Dassault Systemes of cooperation allows us to reform the business. PLM platform to drive our future business strategy, plans a key element, has allowed us to become their partners and customers' first choice Shipyard '. We believe that "Tarzan" will completely change the future way of major offshore construction projects. Our power comes from the safety, quality and time requirements, and these elements are equal to the cost. With PLM and "Tarzan" Our shipyards will be used for large projects with the best design and manufacturing processes. "

The traditional mode of drilling platforms are built with complex integration issues and high costs associated, but these issues will be the last. As technology becomes more advanced ships and mature, the company's mission is to get a key from a highly skilled engineering force, cutting-edge equipment and advanced technical support.

China and South Asia, Dassault Systemes, General Manager Denis Georgeon mentioned: "Dassault Systemes's PLM solutions link, including sellers, manufacturers, operators, designers and testers of the entire value chain, and also to improve coordination, reduce costs, improve efficiency. With a comprehensive digital style machines and standardized data formats, Yantai Raffles Shipyard can be outsourced to the best partners and suppliers, and in the planning, design, build semi-submersible vessels and other ships, as well as its end to end project management process to ensure strict quality control, design precision and other key factors. "Yantai Raffles Shipyard used the entire Dassault Systemes PLM solutions for virtual product design, including CATIA, DELMIA for virtual production and global collaborative lifecycle management, ENOVIA.

November 6, held in Paris, Dassault Systemes CATIA Forum on Europe, Yantai Raffles Shipyard, Mr. Chairman Zhang Liren will PLM and "Tarzan" How to benefit their company's future speech. For more information, please visit:

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U.S. will send experts want to increase overseas trade negotiations to combat piracy weight

Experts believe the move is intended to increase the weight of trade negotiations

Daily News (Reporter Zhao Yanhong) U.S. Department of Commerce announced on Wednesday local time the global fight against piracy in the two new projects. A dispatch to the region rampant piracy "of intellectual property maintenance expert", another plan is to establish a "Global Institute of Intellectual Property Rights Agreement."

According to The New York Times reports, the U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez said, "intellectual property maintenance expert group" will be in Brazil, China, India, Russia and other countries to work. Group members will follow and observe the status of the country where piracy and timely communication with the local government. Also to the issue of patent infringement in the local experience to help U.S. companies to help local governments crack down on violations.

The future establishment of "Institute of Global Intellectual Property Rights Agreement" to train foreign judges, law enforcement officers. Institute will be responsible for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office plans to conduct 24 training in 2006, the U.S. will pay the travel expenses of all foreign trainees. Training staff will be stationed American experts from the countries and regions.

According to the Business Software Alliance and market research firm IDC released the latest data, the software used in China about 90% of pirated software in Brazil, compared to 64%, India 74%, Russia 87%, Thailand 70 %, 58% in the Middle East.

September 15, newly inaugurated National Intellectual Property Law Enforcement Coordination Council responsible Yisileier said in Beijing: The Chinese Government has established the use of legitimate software, schedule, before the end of 2005, all within the Chinese government to use Genuine software; 2008 years ago, the state-owned enterprises to achieve full use of genuine software; then gradually in the private sector to achieve full use of legitimate software.

The use of legitimate software in China by the Americans said the timetable was really interesting.

Held in July this year, Sino-US Joint Commission on Commerce sixteenth, the Gutierrez stressed that China's rapid growth in textile exports to the United States and China's inadequate protection of intellectual property rights, making the Bush administration is facing pressure at home and political risks .

Chinese Minister of Commerce Bo Xilai said in response, China has undertaken over the past 10 years, a lot of work to combat piracy and infringement of the last year alone, more than 2,000 people were prosecuted for a criminal violation of intellectual property rights. He stressed that IPR protection in China, not because of outside pressure, but China's own economic development and technological innovation needs. In fact, China's current piracy and infringement cases, 80% are against China's own brand.

Prior to this, Gutierrez had made: "Intellectual property theft each year to U.S. companies caused 250 billion U.S. dollars and 75 million job losses, and undermine the U.S. economy, so we have to protect Americans at home and abroad to innovation "China will be" innovative thinking to protect Americans, "an important place.

The Chinese State Intellectual Property Protection Office, said Zhang Zhigang, Vice Minister of Commerce, "the piracy losses, the loss of Europe's largest, such as the piracy loss per capita compared to Europe and the United States is far higher than the Asia Pacific region. So , the focus of the global fight against piracy ranking first for the European Union, the second for the United States, the third is the Asia-Pacific - China still fail to get the top few. "

According to Beijing News, the Gutierrez's remarks, Beijing An Boda chairman Xu Guowen intellectual property law firm, commented: "Intellectual property is a global problem, not as American as the sensational accusations of Chinese enterprises . intellectual property issues will be with the deepening economic globalization and increased, because each country's business, including the U.S. and Chinese enterprises in their patent applications, get other countries often produce conflict. Therefore, the unilateral accusation is obviously unfair to Chinese enterprises. the U.S. government to take intellectual property rights that old thing, is actually a strategy, which aims to increase the weight of trade negotiations. "

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FMC from theory to practice

FMC is to promote people to use more than trend, including changes in churn and loyalty, the next generation of telephone services, income-generating opportunities, and infrastructure technology.

2006 FMC theory closer to reality. As a provider of wireless and wireline services and their hybrid, cable service providers and cable network is no longer closely tied together. Instead, they will use video and personalized ring tones, etc. Adhesive services continue to gain market share for wireless providers to establish co-operation between competition. Wireless and wired line is really blurred.

FMC is to promote people to use more than trend, including changes in churn and loyalty, the next generation of telephone services, income-generating opportunities, and infrastructure technology. Together, these trend became encourage operators to invest in current motivation, which will in the next few years to lay the foundation for a true FMC.

FMC is promoting a major supply and demand factors that affect the traditional market. On the wired network, the voice mail and call forwarding services once very common, but mobile users think they are advanced features. Now the next generation of mobile service providers are committed to revenue-generating services to increase network value. Mobile users are accustomed to easy access to these services quickly, while still enjoying the flexibility of mobile phones bring. As a result, more and more users away from the wired communications.

This is not to join the technological revolution of the traditional phone providers may be catastrophic news. Telecommunications industry's windfall profits in the future will come from full-motion video of these advanced services. The service to be successful, providers must through broadband and IP technology to ensure service quality and the best user experience.

Showed the best user experience of today's dual-mode phones, which allow users to only one phone can be moved outside the home and use. This will allow users who have become the leading provider greater control because they wanted the flexibility of location, without any delay or performance issues of quality content, but also personalized service. Telecommunications industry is moving from providing network-centric functionality into the user needs to provide for the center. In the past, the user selects the network can only be limited to the initial design features. Today, users demand more from their content and services, forcing the design of the new network can support many features and content. Type of service provided is not a traditional single network-centric services (call transfer), but in user-centered services (such as Web conferencing and online communication, and friends list).

New personalized services

In addition to these new features video and ring tones, we also see what other personalized services? Personalized ringback tone or location-based services and these have been sighted among service providers rapidly popular. Personalized ringback tone service may use forms of advertising, so the user can notify the department stores or cheap activities; and location-based services may have for this purpose: the restaurant menu and / or restaurant, video to mobile users phone.

Other popular income-generating improvements include:

Recharge mobile games. Game services firm to attract users to the user, because it provides a highly interactive, personalized, media-rich experience. The song, sound, video and Web and media content to an attractive, top-player interactive gaming service this function provides a rich, dynamic service experience, which may cause the user's interest. Users can find other user status information, please play with each other online games, you can play while you chat.

Mobile virtual switch. This feature integrates the enterprise voice capabilities to hosting the virtual switch programs. In addition, the dual-mode phone for local and remote employees as long as the use of a phone can get the same set of features to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Missed call notification. This service can be found through the wireless network is not to answer the phone, then send text messages to remind customers. Subsequently, the customer can call back dial side. The existing services can be expanded to include caller ID display function, or add video message.

Rover service. "Welcome message" on behalf of the attractive range of services, because service providers can attract the roaming user to the network. Roaming user to a particular country, "welcome message" will stay in each other regularly sent to him, can contain useful information, such as weather forecasts, currency exchange rates and local well-known restaurants. Service providers can customize the information to attract and out of the roaming user, thereby improving services for mobile roaming user experience, increase their loyalty to the service provider.

Location-based services. The service enables mobile operators can enable enterprises the opportunity to mobile users at the same place to sell. Once the mobile user in the mobile network moves between two different areas, mobile station (MS) will send a "location update" message to the network. Application software to detect "location update" message, it will search the database to find the customers to the advertisement published.

Infrastructure changes

The deployment of rich content and multimedia development using the new service, the underlying infrastructure must be allowed to access them from any device. This infrastructure to be able to flexibly respond to changing customer needs, first with something small to minimize the risk and cost, and then be expanded as the number of users increases. Easy to use general-purpose network access and content providers to build open standards. These standards and technologies will come from? Created during the Internet revolution and the development of Internet and Web-based technologies will be crucial.

As mobile networks and fixed-line providers are expected to avoid the thorny issue of ongoing customer loss, they will understand that these new services is a way to increase customer loyalty. Need to maintain such a hybrid network environment it is IP or TDM, fixed or mobile network service information, as defined by the 3GPP IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) provides a standard architecture to meet these requirements. According to a recent industry survey showed that about 25% of operators expect to see the end of 2006, IMS technology in their network, large-scale deployment; and another 38% expected in 2007 or 2008 to see that.

Expand the scope of SIP application

As more and more time to migrate to the cellular voice network, integration of the two network service providers is now operational needs, but also technology needs. FMC technology combines VoIP and cellular networks, integrated wired and wireless technologies and services, but also in the fixed-line (WiFi or 802.11) and wireless (cellular) networks seamlessly switch IP calls, when moving across the two networks is only one user identity.

However, not all of the FMC method of access to a comprehensive service model as well as advanced applications to track roaming users. The most advanced integration solutions based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) application server and WiFi / cellular FMC dual-mode phones to work.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is defined by the IETF standards group a relatively new text-based session management protocol. SIP is responsible for handling user location, availability and call setup, TCP or UDP on the run. And their corresponding SIP protocol and are beginning to replace the H.323 protocol.

SIP has become the network through the integration of telephone features and enhanced services industry standards, is ideal for supporting mobile applications. If operators use this method, can provide new, enhanced SIP-based applications and value-added services to attract customers, reduce customer churn. FCM with SIP-based solutions, a variety of operators not only can seamlessly switch VoIP call, you can seamlessly across WiFi and cellular networks switch advanced calling features and applications. Users can simply use a device to access from anywhere in the range of unique mobile applications, including personalized service management, conference, collaboration, communication, and online status, and many other applications.

These applications add to the expectations of the advanced feature set of integrated service providers and wireless operations is particularly important. SIP-based FMC solutions for servers to enable operators to expand the network to include these new advanced features. FMC also reduces end-user cost of using mobile services, as managed FMC services can significantly reduce the capital expenditure for each user and total cost of ownership.

True integration can be wired VoIP networks and cellular characteristics of the extended enterprise network, enabling service providers to provide services to enterprises. This is particularly attractive to integrated service provider of wireless operations, as they often do not have enterprise-class feature set. With SIP-based application server approach, business users of FMC phone can act as an extension of business telephone systems, both inside and outside the enterprise using the enterprise features. Is not SIP-based FMC solutions, such as using license-free mobile access (UMA) technology, the program does not provide enterprise-class features, also unable to integrate cellular service operators to provide access to profitable operations enterprise market.

Seamless migration to 3G

Although only advanced mobile applications this reason enough to SIP-based FMC solutions, but operators have also received another major benefit. Because almost all the world, operators have claimed to the network migration to 3G networks, they now must be deployed FMC technology migration can continue to provide value-added services. SIP-based approach enables service providers to migrate at their own pace, while the real 3G, now able to deploy 3G Release 6 + applications on the existing 2.5G network without any change. As operators expand 3G R6 + network, customers in the existing networks and new 3G networks when roaming, operators can continue to provide them with advanced features. Once the operators to migrate to the full implementation of 3G networks, but also to continue in the same application server to add new advanced applications.

FMC attracts many different types of carriers, including wireline and wireless assets, have integrated carriers, only wired or wireless assets, asset operators, and multi-service or cable television operators. Cable operators will belong to the ranks of early adopters FMC technology, because they entered this market has a very strong motive. Now, cable operators talk time up to 40% of the cellular network provider to be robbed. FMC will help these operators through the provision of mobile services, while maintaining control of the call to call back the lost time and remain profitable. Integration will help to retain customers and attract new customers, providing competitive differentiation, and create opportunities to increase service revenue.

Integrated wired / wireless providers will also benefit from VoIP / cellular convergence, as it enable them to improve efficiency, network coverage and capacity to solve the problem. As long as a network provider to provide fixed and mobile services, no need to maintain several network.

WiFi was once afraid of competition, cellular carriers are now embracing this technology as a means to expand their business, to provide services in indoor and outdoor coverage, reduce churn. FMC's an additional advantage is that it can help operators more efficient use of transmission towers. If the traditional network in an area increase in the number of users, the capacity of towers may reach the limit, and thus can not serve the user - the additional cost is very high tower. FMC easing capacity pressures, because it allows operators to build a two-tier network, through the expansion of WiFi hot spots - can be located anywhere in the customer for indoor use, so in the more regional service to more users, the cost is far lower in the tower. It is estimated that Asia as a two-tier cellular network operator, if constructed, installed WiFi networks inside buildings, rather than erect more towers savings of up to 300 million U.S. dollars.

Consumer demand and device capabilities, the market recognized that traditional wired and mobile networks and services through partners will eventually integrate these factors have been together for fixed-mobile convergence as present strategic plan, and in the not too distant future a reality created the conditions.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Cheung Shuen Lung: the principle of 46 is divided into three three

Founder Holdings chairman Cheung Shuen Lung

March 12, 1978, 22-year-old native of Quanzhou Cheung Shuen Lung left alone to seek a way out, and when he arrived in Hong Kong, the first thing a telegram to the family. For some reason when the family has not received his telegram, the next day he went to a luggage factory to work.

"After work, is an underlying ordinary workers, the monthly wage is 550 Hong Kong dollars, I work from morning to night, 12 hours. Morning I first opened the door, at the latest to go is I, I and brother are living in the factory. "Cheung Shuen Lung recalls.

While in Hong Kong early, work and life are very difficult, if not better off in Quanzhou. However, Cheung Shuen Lung quickly adapted.

For such a strange place in Hong Kong, how to get respect, Cheung Shuen Lung Daochu three main points: "First, learn to make money, second to learn to dress themselves, and finally as anything."

Cheung Shuen Lung have a sister and a younger brother. Out from his battles alone, he has been to their income into three, one for sister, one to his brother, and the remaining part of herself. Zhang Xuan Long known as the "three-three principles."

"At first he does not earn much, each gave us that. That was when he earned hundreds of millions, he still insist on this principle. Relative to the number of wealthy Hong Kong brothers against each other, he did it very well. "Cheung Shuen Lung said of his brother.

In addition, Cheung Shuen Lung is one of Kingsoft's major shareholders, holding 10.4% shares of Kingsoft. According to Kingsoft on October 9 last year, listing the issue price of the day, Cheung Shuen Lung worth about 4 billion. When the media asked about his income, Cheung Shuen Lung jokes, "Only one third of my money is mine, and Lei Jun Qiu Bojun not so rich."

Also worth mentioning is that Cheung Shuen Lung Zhongguancun business was to do business with partners, do not follow 55 into, but 46 divided.

"I am a Hakka Hakka's boss has the responsibility to take care of family. At home I follow the 'three three principles', but in completely different enterprises, businesses hard work is rewarded. Then I went to Zhongguancun business, if is a five-five is reasonable, but I would rather none other that the principle of divided by 46, so that people will come to see me the next cooperation. "

Perhaps from the start, precisely because Cheung Shuen Lung sense of responsibility and a little bit of effort, he and four-way cooperation to promote Super computer, create a first of its kind in China compatible market, identify what may Qiu Bojun, investment and development of China's most successful WPS The software side is open for contributions towards the overseas market. Founder in 1996 to become president, replacing Wang Xuan in 2002 as the holding company Founder Chairman of the Board.

Speaking Chinese laser typesetting system founder Wang Xuan, Zhang Xuan Long is also filled with emotion. "I come to Beijing University in 1985, Wang Xuan see me this young man, but also businessmen, do not know whether to Kengmengguaipian, and would ignore me, I hit a brick out, then slowly after exposure mutual understanding, Wang Xuan was later to become the greatest impact on my career and who, I most admired people. "

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