Sunday, July 25, 2010

Toyota Authorized Dealer

Customer background

The new company is under huge Guangzhou Toyota's authorized dealers, the main business of selling auto parts, auto parts, auto repair three main business is the Toyota strategy in southern China-based service providers.

Customer demand

Operating for many years in the automotive industry recognize the new huge company behind the management system has been unable to adapt to the development of the Internet era demands the automotive industry, automobile enterprises to survive and in today's competitive environment has been a fundamental change. To gain a competitive advantage, has not unilaterally improve the management of enterprises, price competition, preferential policies, etc., etc., but focuses on the overall industry competitiveness upgrading, especially enterprise business intelligence on the whole enhancement of competitiveness. So a huge company to develop new means to integrate the use of e-commerce within their own enterprises, external management in automobile trade, automotive, auto parts in various business areas to implement e-commerce strategy for the integrated management approach.


China a huge digital and new access through the many do, to develop a huge company to meet the new demand and rapid development requirements of the current solution to that vehicle of God + b2b e-commerce system, the system mainly by the b2b e-commerce front-end system + b2b e-commerce background distribution network business platform system + form, background information management system based on the definition, business, accounting, personnel, query, aei business systems pose. aei b2b business prospects of e-commerce platform to provide the supply and demand sides to send and receive documents for the auto parts business formed a complete business management program.

Implementation Effect
At present, China Digital was a huge Guangzhou Honda's car design and development of God + b2b e-commerce system has passed a comprehensive inspection, has entered the operational stage and formal. Directly in the new huge company online auto parts, automobile, maintenance orders and other business services, e-commerce systems to reduce the company's costs and accelerate the repayment of loan Kuaisu, shorten sales cycles and lower marketing costs, the enterprise of over- profits.

"The most I was surprised that China's implementation of the digital capacity of" huge Guangzhou Toyota computer manager said, "At first we Chinese still some doubts about the timetable for digital, digital real-time China did not expect such a wealth of implementation experience, in fixed up a less than a month. "

Guangzhou Toyota's huge purchasing manager said, "China Digital rte e-commerce platform, significantly reduced our inventory really a huge help to the new Guangzhou Toyota."

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